Fibro may cause Whole Body Paralyze.

Fibro may cause Whole Body Paralyze.

Hi. Although I’ve had ME & Fibromyalgia for what is now expected 22 years I was only diagnosed last year.  At the moment my ME/CFS is getting more and more worse.  Partly I think it is because I am now understanding that the number of different symptoms I have are connected to the same condition rather than separate things, so I’m noticing them more.  However, there are more symptoms arising (as if I needed morerolleyes).

In the last 2 months I have now experienced 3 lots of complete paralysis.  I have Functional Movement Disorder so have experienced ‘fits’ for years.  I have also had partial paralysis for years when suddenly I can’t move my legs or I can’t stand up.  However, this is everything not moving and not just after waking up.  Literally, my eyes will suddenly close and I am then stuck. My brain is working, I can hear and feel but I can’t move! Not even a finger. It has lasted between 15 mins – 1.5hrs. I laid there with an open book, stuck in my hands with my eyes closed unable to even talk for an hour (must of looked funny if any body had been home).  The position if painful cannot be changed unless my husband realises and moves me.


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