Fibromyalgia: Invisible disease or blind administration?

On the occasion of the World Day of Fibromyalgia, whose commemoration takes place on May 12, the president of the Association of Fibromyalgia (AFIBROM), Luisa Fernanda Panadero Gómez, reflects on this disease in an opinion article in EFEsalud.
by Luisa Fernanda Panadero Gómez, president of the Fibromyalgia Association AFIBROM

Patients with fibromyalgia are accustomed to attending the medical consultation as defendants who undergo value judgments instead of a diagnosis.

I wonder at what point in history the medical vocation was replaced by the obligatory nature of being judges.

The human ego makes us believe that there is only what can be seen, as if we were all-powerful beings. As if we had only been granted the sense of sight. I wonder what the blind think of such stupidity.

To treat fibromyalgia you do not need to see it, you just need to listen to it. Listen to patients

The patients, those people who go to the doctor to confront him, to challenge him, to remind him that he does not know everything, to help him overcome himself.

Patients are gifts for those who still have a vocation, for those who still believe that medicine is at the service of those who lost their health.

Listening to patient associations, expert physicians and researchers is the first premise to change the serious socio-health situation of patients.

Luisa Fernanda Baker / Photo facilitated by AFIBROM
Fibromyalgia is a disease of high prevalence, how many more affected are needed to take effective measures? How many children should get sick to start looking at this harsh reality? A million more, two …? Well then we can be calm, because fibromyalgia has come to stay and unfortunately it will be a plague of the future.

To date, 37% of Spanish children suffer from chronic pain. Surrounded by electromagnetic waves, pollution, chemicals, making days of adults, loaded with backpacks of 15 kg., Growing alone, without family reconciliation.

If stress is one of the clear triggers to develop a central sensitization syndrome, scientific evidence is not needed to predict a disastrous future, only common sense is needed. Another sense that the human being is daring to reject.

Now that there is so much talk of violence, I wonder how we should define the fact that 5% of people in this country do not have adequate medical attention, that they still have to hear in 2019 things like: “Fibromyalgia does not exist, this is the result of being called crazy by a madman and everyone is so happy “,” you can not have fibromyalgia because you are only 30 years old “,” people with fibromyalgia are better at work “, etc.

How can we define the situation that, when a doctor does things different from the established protocol and has good results, instead of putting a work team they remove him from the list of free choice and even reduce the days of consultation to attend to these patients?

How can we define the fact that the INSS (National Institute of Social Security) draws up an assessment guide without taking into account the scientific evidence of recent times, without counting those affected or expert doctors?

How can we define the fact of making drug addicts to a large number of patients, being aware that far from removing chronic pain, will the side effects of these dangerous drugs add to their symptoms?

How can one define the fact that women with fibromyalgia are accused of being neurotic, vague and liars, and what is worse, if their children have symptoms, affirming that they do not have fibromyalgia but that they copy the pain behavior of the mother?

Can you be more cruel with such a serious accusation?

There are many forms of violence and aggression, the worst, which is applied without raising your fists, that which is not seen but heard, smelled, felt, intuited … that which all fibromyalgia sufferers are accustomed to suffering from and again, again and again, until the Administration, with its blindness, allows itself to be guided by those who are on the way to the solution in the treatment of this disease.

Until they park the egos to give way to compassion and Health again be at the service of the Human.

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