How To Send Fibromyalgia Into Remission?

fibromyalgia remissionPatients who have been suffering from fibromyalgia may have noticed that the pain is not always constant. Its symptoms and pain can come and go in erratic cycles. Many fibro patients find themselves asking the same question: why does the pain in fibromyalgia come and go?

Why Does Fibromyalgia Pain Come and Go?

Unfortunately, neither experts nor doctors can tell us the exact reason why fibromyalgia pain can be inconsistent since the cause of it is still uncertain.

Researchers seem to believe that the pain in fibromyalgia is somewhat connected to your central nervous system. With fibromyalgia, your nerves are oversensitive and overreact to every single thing like sensations on the skin, body movements, food, light etc. They begin to fire off pain signals erroneously resulting in you being in pain most of the time. This make it difficult for you to be able to function normally because even walking can get painful at times.

Changes that you make in your daily lifestyle can affect your fibromyalgia thus causing its symptoms and pain to come and go. There will be times when you feel that your pain and symptoms are under more control and these periods are called remission. It is during this time that your body stops overreacting to the things going in and around you. Hence, you find yourself dealing with less pain.

What Does Remission Look Like?

So what does it actually feel like when fibromyalgia is in remission? If you go without pain for a certain period of time or when you notice that your symptoms are beginning to decrease. These point to your condition being in remission. During then, you will also notice that it is much easier to carry out normal tasks even without any assistance.

Even though your condition is in remission, you will still experience a handful of symptoms. Continue to take your medication if you have one and take the chance to improve your overall well-being. For instance, start doing light exercises, get more sleep, strengthen your immune system, build your emotional health and avoid all things that cause your fibro flares.

How To Send Fibromyalgia Into Remission?

In most cases, patients who are diagnosed with fibromyalgia are stuck with the chronic pain syndrome for decades or life. However, this does not mean you cannot get better. It is about learning to manage your pain, knowing the triggers of your fibro flares and building your physical and emotional health.

Every individual experience fibromyalgia symptoms differently and hence there isn’t one winning method to send your fibromyalgia into remission. However, here are some ways which have been reported to have helped fibro patients manage their condition:

  • Changes to your diet e.g. adopting Gluten-free diet, Paleo diet, eliminating processed food, herbal remedies,
  • Treating sleep disorders
  • Addressing nutrient deficiencies e.g. magnesium, vitamin D
  • Addressing emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, stress and trauma
  • Exercise therapy with low impact, light exercises such as warm water aerobics, walking, yoga, stretching

Keeping a pain journal to track the changes you make to your lifestyle and recording its results, whether positive or negative, can help you derive a way to manage your chronic pain syndrome.


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