Sunday thoughts from a fibromyalgia mind v18.7

If you are new to reading my blog Sunday thoughts from a fibro mind are just a small update on my inner thoughts from the week usually typed out with my Sunday morning coffee and some of the images from my phone. (If I have any from that week)
Well, this image I made for my facebook page really sums up this week wonderfully and that is how I intend to continue each day. If I am honest I am struggling a little with why I am feeling so rough at the moment. In my mind I had come to terms with thinking that 2015 was my worse year symptom wise and now it would be balanced, I was wrong. Fibromyalgia has a will of her own and she will always wax and wane throughout my life. This may be why that “6 stages of fibromyalgia” thing annoys me so much as it implies that fibromyalgia is a progression of stages illness and you start at stage one and progress to being bed bound. People who live with fibro all experience it completely different and yes that may be the case for a small percentage but if we all show a graph of our symptoms over the years they would not be linear or even rising, they would be a sporadic roller coaster of everchanging highs and lows.
This may be why people struggle to understand our illness, we struggle ourselves!
One hour you are balanced, then symptoms rage.
One day you are balanced, then symptoms rage.
One month you are balanced, then symptoms rage
One year you are balanced, then symptoms rage.

Yesterday was beautiful in its own little way. I had a lovely morning in the training club with the boys. Feet up watching them crochet is hardly hard work but wow I was drained afterwards so was glad to be home back on the couch. I really wanted to be there with them as I missed last week due to illness. It is training for them yet it makes me happy as I love watching them with all their gang and I have formed some beautiful friendships there. I always try and save my energy for Saturday gang. I post an image each time we are there on my personal page titled “Saturday Gang” and my friends and family all write lovely comments. The ones who read my blog and follow my personal page really do know how much it means to me to be out with my gang Saturday morning.

My two youngest have school holidays for a week. I am really happy about this as I love them being with me yet feel underprepared. The guilt set in even before the school bell rang for the end of the day on Friday. I look at other children their age and all that they get to do with their family and yet mine are controlled by my limitations. They never moan or complain so I am blessed but I do wish I had the energy I once had, but then again I do not have the stress, sadness and anguish I had years ago so they get mellow, happy me.

My plan is to be organised for the week ahead and get some things that the boys love doing such as painting, decoupage, games to play in the garden, baking and whatever else I can think of that they will enjoy doing from home.

I will find a way to make sure this week is wonderful at my level of energy.


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