Abdominal fat: Best Diets for Belly Fat

A smooth “tummy” is not only healthy, but also contributes to a streamlined outline. A swollen belly does not necessarily indicate a health problem, but it is true that some foods can promote bloating while others have almost no effect and help maintain the flat stomach. I am sharing some fat burning foods for belly fat. Stick to this diet plan and see the difference yourself.

Best Diets for Belly Fat:


As they reduce eye inflammation, gut decrease. This vegetable contains a natural oxidant that helps reducing inflammation. It has been shown in several studies that the cucumber is able to inhibit the activity of pro-inflammatory enzymes.


One of the best diets for belly fat, as it is rich in potassium, like avocados, kiwis and oranges. Bananas prevent fluid retention regulating sodium levels. Bananas are rich in soluble fiber with a good remedy for constipation.


It contains an enzyme named “papain”, which aids digestion. Also they attributed anti-inflammatory properties as well as a wealth of fibers that strengthen the digestive tract.


Asparagus is the super anti-inflammatory food and helps removing excess water from the body, relieving any inflammation and discomfort generated by long digestion.

Yogurt with probiotics

The bacteria are probiotic yogurt and help regulate digestion and maintain the health of the digestive tract.


It is a natural anti-inflammatory and a great aid for digestion because it relaxes the muscles of the digestive tract, which soothes and reduces inflammation. In addition, it contains an enzyme that absorbs proteins, reducing gases produced by proteins.

Adopt these healthier habits

1. Establish a daily exercise routine

With only 10 minutes a day can change your body dramatically. Grab a routine, for example, in the morning or before dinner, and for about 10 minutes preparing a table of four abdominal exercises three sets each.

2. Water intake

Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day and try to enter into your routine diuretics to help you lose fluid. “The ponytail, green tea or artichoke will be strong allies to reduce the abdominal area in a short time,” said Gorges.

3. Beware of gas!

Inflame your stomach and make you feel bloated. Avoid them reducing the consumption of dairy products, fatty foods, and vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, peppers, corn, onions and radishes.

4. Dinner

Forget the copious dinner and spend a combined meat and white fish with vegetables, low glycemic index. Try dinner three to four hours before bedtime and remember that while you sleep not consumed calories, build!

5. Balance

If you make a meal every 3 to 4 hours (giving prominence to best diets for belly fat rich in fiber such as fruits and vegetables) get a balanced caloric intake and will reduce the possibility of “eat more than playing” during our journey.

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