James Bond: Daniel Craig’s pain game

James Bond: Daniel Craig’s pain game

Daniel Craig in a scen from the new Bonf film: Quantum of Solace

Daniel Craig is feeling the effects of his new James Bond role, after insisting on doing many of the stunts himself

Daniel Craig is certainly suffering for his art with the celebrated actor doing many of his own stunts for the new Bond film, Quantum of Solace.

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Craig has spent the past few weeks filming the highly anticipated Bond film in remote Paranal in Chile’s copper mining heartland, and with Quantum of Solace promising twice as much action as Casino Royale, there have been plenty of opportunities for injury.

“I’m bruised up from the fight scenes, but that’s part of the deal,” Craig said in a recent interview.

“I wouldn’t have done the movie without going all the way.”

The British-born Craig, who shot to fame with Casino Royale, pumps iron every evening, eats well and said his secret was to completely immerse himself in the role of 007. It seems a far cry from the Daniel Craig who, during a break in filming, took a river Thames cruise with a lifejacket last month, and later admitted that he suffered seasickness.

“It’s not like we’re making some sort of big action romance here. This is a Bond movie first of all,” Craig said.

“You have to apply the Bond equation, which is that we have to have as much action as we possibly can that fits in with the story, which makes sense.”

Ukrainian actress Olga Kurylenko, who plays Bond’s new love interest Camille, doesn’t get off lightly either.

She said she was so bruised she no longer needed make-up to make her look tough.

While Craig and Kurylenko don’t even kiss on-screen, true to Bond form he does have a fling with another woman.

Quantum of Solace is set an hour after the end of Casino Royale and involves Bond trying to track down the killers of Vesper Lynd – the woman who betrayed his love in Casino Royale – and stop an evil plan by an eco-terrorist to help install a dictator in what is supposed to be Bolivia.

The filming, however, hasn’t been without controversy. Bolivia’s deputy culture minister, Pablo Groux, has written a formal complaint attacking the film’s “stigmatisation” of his countrymen as drug traffickers.

And in a much more James Bond-style of protest, the local mayor of the Chilean town of Baquedano attempted to mow down the cast in a small saloon car.

Carlos Lopez was annoyed at excessive police presence in Baquedano, and was objecting to Chilean soil being used as a stand in for neighbouring Bolivia.


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