Pain only on right side of body and excess sleep in Fibromyalgia

Pain only on right side of body and excess sleep in Fibromyalgia

Resolved Question:

Having follwong symptoms since 2 months :
1. Having pain at few particualr locations on RIGHT side of body (from brain to foot) . These locations include brain, neck back, spine, back of hip joint , Knee joint, Elbow
2. Sometimes feel numbness in right leg, hand palm etc. Sometimes when driving bike for long time, feel numbness in private organ also.
3. Sleeping disorder
4. Feel like forgetting things, not able to concentrate
5. Feel depression sometime
6. Feeling sleepy and dizziness

1. Last year in Aug / Sept was diagnosed with very low vitamin B12 (49 ) and D3 (18). And I was having very less sleep . So doctor gave B12 injections and tablets which reduced the problem. And I also improved upon diet.

I again went to the same doctor. however he said may be its again because of B12. However this time pain was simialr but I was getting too much sleep.
I took second opinion and now this neuro physicist has diagnosed it as Fibromyalgia. I went through websites to understand this disease and most of symptoms match however still i don’t understand two points : Why is it only on one side of body and Why I am getting too much of sleep


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