Tips for Losing Belly Fat Fast

To burn belly fat and eliminate several centimeters on your belly its best to follow this diet to effectively burn abdominal fat, which contains the most powerful foods to speed up your metabolism. You can also get help with specific exercises, which are curiously related to abs and belly fat.

First I’ll tell you what foods you should integrate into your eating plan and also give you a good example of a day of this diet, so that you make. It is important not to cheat, if you really want to lose weight and burn fat in your abdomen, your will is key; so do not throw away all your effort to bump into fatty foods and tempting

Here are some recommended dietary foods for burning abdominal fat and losing belly fat fast.

First you should know that this is very balanced diet for your body to continue functioning properly. But yes, you’ll have to eliminate all foods that increase the abdominal fat.

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So first I’ll give you the foods you should consume in large quantities. And then I’ll tell you what those who leave out of your diet to burn belly fat. The first group of foods that include fruits must integrate. These will give you plenty of fiber, ideal for good digestion, and also give you many essential vitamins for proper body functioning.

Within these fruits most recommended are


Other inevitable foods include GREEN VEGETABLES.


All the above foods are excellent allies when body burn fat. Preferably, do not use those coming canned, but fresh vegetables you can get at the vegetable market.

Nor forget carbohydrates. But in this case they must be comprehensive and in small quantities. In addition to these foods, you must also integrate your diet milk and low-fat dairy, eggs, seeds and meat in small quantities in small portions.

It is very important that you take plenty of water, at least 2 liters a day. This will keep your body hydrated and also helps the brain work better.

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Now let’s see what foods you should leave out are. These are those that are high in fat or high in sugar. Nothing fried foods, sausages, fatty meats, fatty cheeses and dairy products, oils and butters also, except for the olive.

  1. Avoid cakes and confectionery or sweets that are high in sugar
  2. No saturated fats, complex sugars or soft drinks
  3. No foods with lots of chemicals, such as canned

To get you started as quickly as possible on this diet, I’ll give an example that will help you get organized and start in the right direction.

Breakfast: Take a serving of oatmeal with skim milk, a slice of bread, a boiled egg and a banana.

Refreshments: Take two snacks, one mid-morning and midafternoon. In each eat an apple or a cup of strawberries.

Lunch: Eat a large salad with vegetables you want a portion of rice, meat and vegetables. Take a juice made in water and a fruit recommended.

Dinner: For dinner take a fat-free broth, a portion of rice and skinless chicken salad is ideal.

So you begin to burn abdominal fat diet without hunger and eating intelligently. At the beginning of the article I mentioned that you also exercise. But I repeat, are not abs that will make you lose the belly. There are exercises much more effective!

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