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Symptoms of Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity can impair the quality of life of the affected people, impairing their abilities, presence and efficiency to work, study and perform household chores.
Taking into account that the prevalence of syndromes in Argentina reaches 4.5%, it is necessary that educators and those who work on human resources are sensitized, updated and implemented prevention techniques.
Accessing more information about syndromes will help them implement the necessary measures to:
Prevent relapses
Improve attendance
Improve the performance of your employees and students
Achieve a proactive climate (take the initiative, but take responsibility for making things happen, decide at each moment what we want to do and how we are going to do it).
Avoid dropping out of school and loss of job stability.
Modifying the habits, conditions of habitability and carrying out tasks of prevention it is possible to improve the quality of life of the affected ones:
Decreasing frequency and intensity of symptoms
Improving the quality of life from your employees.
Preserving occupational performance.
Sustaining the economy and the labor sources of patients.
Improving the image of your company.
Statistics conducted in the European Union, Mexico and Korea by the Harris Interactive Consultant, state that patients can suffer from six to eleven different symptoms that worsen their quality of life and work performance. The most common are:
Intense pain
Low energy
Difficulty concentrating
Recent memory loss
Anomia (language disorder that makes it impossible for a person to call things by name).
Attention Disorders
Muscle stiffness
People with these syndromes, feel a great attachment to work. Frequently the personal assessment of people with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, depends to a great extent on their good academic, academic and work performance, feeling very frustrated when they have to take licenses.
They are generally hyperactive, demanding, perfectionist, responsible, difficult to delegate, and can take on excessive responsibilities, even in frustrating ways. They can be creative, sensitive, talented and loyal workers.
Alfredo Nobel, Frida Kahlo, Florence Nigthingale, Blake Edwards suffered Fibromyalgia while making discoveries, painting works of art, creating unforgettable movies, saving lives.
The harmful working conditions that can initiate or intensify the appearance of the symptoms are:
Mobbing (Job harassment or moral harassment at work)
Hostile work climate
Unfavorable environmental conditions
Inadequate nutrition
Physical or mental over-demands
Exposure to toxic substances such as cleaning products or food with pesticides or toxic additives, Environmental disinfection.
Vicious constructions
It is essential to identify the stimuli and products that give rise to counterproductive effects, to avoid re-exposure to the triggers. Once identified, it is extremely beneficial to change living habits, improve ventilation, aerate your workplaces, achieve proactive work relationships, avoid humid environments, toxic chemicals, practice some moderate physical activity and follow a healthy diet.
Conspire to prolong and enlarge the picture:
The invisibility of symptoms
Widespread ignorance
Difficulties in achieving the diagnosis
Delays in finding appropriate professionals
Concealment of symptoms for fear of losing employment.
In Argentina, we find patients up to 35 years of age who visit clinics without obtaining their diagnosis.
In Mexico, patients waited 1.9 years to find their diagnosis, while in Spain they had to wait an average of 3.7 years.
Surveys point to the negative impact of syndromes on the costs of patients, employers, and health systems. In both cases the consequences of the symptoms affect the increase of difficulties and the increase in the costs that are presented.
For the patients employed:
They suffer loss of job presentism, job losses, high costs of health professionals and treatments.
For Employers:
Repeated absences due to sick leave, decreased performance, deterioration of the working environment, expenses in occupational medicine companies.
For the health system:
Higher costs for repeated visits to different professionals, increased consumption of medications and increased rehabilitation treatments
Some figures according to the survey conducted by Harry Interactive:
In Italy more than 71% of patients lost more than 10 business days per year for Fibromyalgia.
In Mexico, more than 27% ofSufferers missed more than 40 days per year to their employment and only 25% can work on some occasions. Patients reported that they should spend from 42 to 64% of their salary in medical care. 59 to 81% of specialists report that Fibromyalgia is strong or very strong and it impacts 11 to 49% in the economy of people with the disease. Patients carry out rehabilitation treatments and consult frequently between two and four professionals simultaneously. One in five patients can not work .

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